Your Vision, Mission and Values: The guiding force behind your practice
Rhiannon Gibbs, Ad-Esse


Session Synopses

If you’re considering setting up your own practice, just as important as getting your business plan in place, is establishing your own vision, mission and values to attract and retain both your client base and practice team. However, where do you start in crafting effective ones?

  • A good vision statement will describe your business goals and how it wants to solve the problems of the future.
  • A good mission statement will focus more on why a business drives value instead of what they do. Increasingly important in the veterinary world, a good mission will differentiate you from your competition and form the basis for a strategy that creates real competitive advantage.
  • A good set of values goes beyond obvious statements of intent and becomes a guide for the way your employees behave and interact with your clients, again, driving competitive advantage.

During this session, business consultant, Rhiannon will walk you through what a good set of statements look like and advise you on how to create your own.