Vision, Values and Strategy
Katherine Eitel Belt, LionSpeak

Katherine Eitel Belt is America’s Unscripted Communications Coach!  International speaker, author, and coach, Katherine is best known for helping professionals develop courageous, unscripted conversations with clients, co-workers, and audiences.  Whether communicating from the treatment room, boardroom, or from the stage, Katherine’s clients love her simple yet powerful formulas for delivering messages with clarity, courage, and inspiration.

Her company, LionSpeak, uses a proprietary leadership tool called The Lioness Principle to help dental, veterinary, and discretionary healthcare practices as well as corporate sales/executive teams achieve extraordinary results by leveraging their ability to communicate with greater impact.

Katherine is a Spotlight-On-Speaking champion, National Speaker’s Association member, Speaking Consulting Network board member, past-president of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, Dental Business Institute faculty instructor, and recipient of the Linda Miles Spirit Award.

Session Synopses

The traditional approach to vision and values can make great wallpaper for corporate headquarters or pithy sound bites on a website but in reality they often never actually influence behaviour or decision-making at the ground level.  Whether you are part of a large group or a small independent practice, you need your team to understand and buy in to your vision, values and strategy.  They should be alive, meaningful, and influential for your team.  It is hard for them to do that if you haven’t clarified these for yourself and articulated them in a clear and inspiring way.  And your vision and values is not a ‘one and done’ but should be constantly reviewed and refreshed, particularly after something as life changing as a pandemic.   If well written and communicated they will then form the basis for all subsequent communication and the benchmarks for you to measure team behaviour and performance.   In this session, Katherine Eitel-Belt will outline a new and “re-envisioned” approach to vision, values, and strategy, what to include and what to leave out and how to use them to rally and align your team to become accountable for the outcomes you need and want.