Using Content Marketing to Achieve Your Goals
Andrew Rastall, Connected Vet

Andrew founded Connected Vet in 2013 to provide digital marketing consultancy for independent veterinary practices. His presentations draw on over 29 years’ experience in PR & digital marketing. His presentations often reference his work with 160 or so independent veterinary clients as well as complementary experience from other industries, that have lots to teach the teams that run veterinary practices. Andrew regularly presents in person and through live webinars, most recently on ‘Interacting with your vet during Covid-19’, ‘How to buy a website’ and ‘Driving digital engagement’.

Session Synopses

Despite the strange times we’re living in, one thing learnt over the lockdowns was the beneficial effect that established-and-competent content marketing strategies could have on how clients interact with a practice. In this practical and evidence-based session, Andrew will illustrate how the application of the basics of content marketing can help you achieve real world aims. Want more clients? Content marketing is the key. Need less clients calling? Content marketing can help. Wish pet owners would do things differently? Guess what will nudge them in the right direction?

If you’re a practice that would see a benefit from gently guiding the majority of your established, new and potential clients in a specific direction then you can’t afford to miss this content marketing masterclass. If you’ve been bashing away at news, emails and social and not really seeing an effect then invest some time in this session and you’ll discover with the same effort or less, you can achieve vastly different results.