Restoring the Joy:  post Covid
Jesse McCall, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Jesse McCall, MBA is currently a Director and Improvement Advisor at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Jesse joined IHI in 2007 and over his tenure has designed, executed, and evaluated programs and projects around the world. Currently, Jesse is the Improvement Advisor for the IHI Joy in Work Results-Oriented Learning Network. Outside of IHI Jesse is a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University, specifically on courses related to the Science of Improvement. Jesse has expertise in program and product development, practical application of the science of improvement, human capital management, marketing and communications, customer relationship management, and large-scale initiative operations. He received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston and his MBA at the UMASS Amherst Isenberg School of Management.

Session Synopses

As we come out of the pandemic, many workers in both human and veterinary medicine across the world are reporting high levels of stress and burnout.  So how can we restore the joy?

The  Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) started in the US and now has a footprint across the world from Asia to Latin America, Europe to Africa and the Middle East.  A key area of work is to offer new thinking and resources around joy in work – to share principles and techniques that enable the workforce to truly thrive, not just survive.

The most joyful, productive, engaged staff feel both physically and psychologically safe, appreciate the meaning and purpose of their work, have some choice and control over their time, experience camaraderie with others at work, and perceive their work life to be fair and equitable.  There are proven methods for creating a positive work environment that creates these conditions and ensures the commitment to deliver high-quality care to patients, even in stressful times.

Jesse McCall leads the Joy in Work team at IHI.  For this interactive session he joins us from the US to share how teams can work together to nurture their colleagues and address the issues that drive burnout and sap joy in work. These are packaged up in a practical framework that can be easily adapted for different healthcare settings, with an aim to reverse the worrying trend of burnout and to create positive work environments that foster equity, camaraderie, meaning, choice, and a shared commitment to deliver high-quality care.