Right person; right task; right time
Wendy Nevins, Malex Consulting

Wendy has been a qualified VN for nearly 30 years, having worked in small and large animal practice (both corporate and independent), education, and industry associated businesses; and also being past president of BVNA.

She’s currently assisting an increasing number of veterinary professionals in improving their online businesses via enhanced digital marketing, e-mail automation and deliverability, e-commerce and e-learning at scale. Her CPD listing site keeps her focussed on quality training, and her regular locum duties also keep her active.

Session Synopses

The last year will have been challenging for everyone, not least nurses.  With nurse consults cancelled and nurses often needed in consult rooms to restrain patients, many felt they were ‘no longer nursing’.  But as against that, there have been opportunities to step up, taking histories in car parks and smaller teams meaning less obvious demarcation between roles.  In parallel, discussions continue about changes to what nurses are legally allowed to do, and making better use of what is already in Schedule 3, in a move to more ‘vet led teams’.  As past President of BVNA, consultant and locum RVN, Wendy Nevins talks to a lot of nurses and sees a range of practices close up.  Her mantra is ‘right person, right task, right time’ and she believes it is often up to the nurse to start the conversation about a more sensible and efficient division of labour and skills within practice.