Profitable Conversations
Lisa Bainham, President, Association of Dental Administrators and Managers (ADAM)
Session Synopses

Good Leadership and Management starts and ends with good communication.  Everyone in your team should feel as important as everyone else and you, as leader, should have a good grasp of the personalities in your team and how to get the best from them.   Lisa Bainham is President of the Association of Dental Administrators and Managers and has over 23 years’ experience as a manager of a busy multi-site dental practice.   She compares and contrasts the challenges faced by dental practices with vet practices and shares some of the solutions she has found to ensure her whole team work smarter not harder. Good businesses constantly evolve, adapting and changing to new challenges, and the teams that put communication first will have reaped the benefits in the past year.  From how and where to talk to clients about cost, to embracing digital comms without losing the personal touch, to managing any ‘well poisoners’ in your team, this session will take a wide ranging look at the importance of ensuring every conversation with clients or team members is profitable!