Personal Effectiveness and Work / Life Balance
Andrew Kitton, AFK Training

Andrew is an experienced Training and Development Consultant.  He is a knowledgeable and inspirational trainer, who creates a challenging and fun environment in the training room.

Andrew has been involved in Learning and Development since 1992 and specialises in soft skills and behavioural training.  He has designed and delivered programmes across Leadership, Management, Personal Development, Presenting and Sales.

Andrew holds a BSc Hons in Accounting and Business Economics.  He is professionally qualified as a trainer (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and has completed several financial services qualifications (CeMAP, FPC, AFPC, Chartered Institute of Financial Services).  He is also a qualified practitioner of the MBTI, DISC, Hogan, SDI and Emotions & Behaviours at Work.

Andrew lives with his wife (Diane) and children; 21-year-old Daniella and 18-year-old Sam.

Session Synopses

“There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important things.”  Brian Tracy, effectiveness expert. This is probably true. The trouble is, identifying what the most important things are. What do you need to achieve to make sure you feel your personal life and you work life are both successful?  Once identified, how do you ensure you are motivated and energised to complete these tasks, whilst getting the balance between work and home life?

In this session, training and development consultant, Andrew Kitton will share some tips and best practices to help you gain focus on what you want to achieve and how you can integrate personal effectiveness into your work and home life. The session will cover:

  • What do you want to achieve – at work and in your personal life?
  • Developing a positive mindset
  • Setting simple goals to create focus for the day
  • Using your personal energy levels to help with productivity
  • Tackling procrastination to help you feel more motivated
  • Set work/home boundaries