Managing Debt
Georgina Hills RVN, IVC

Georgina started as a student veterinary nurse in 1995, and since then has worked throughout practices in the southwest as a nurse, Head Nurse and Practice Manager. Georgina completed the level 5 ILM diploma and in 2013 sat the Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management (CVPM) awarded by the VMG and won the Glynne Davis Memorial Award for outstanding achievement in the examination.  George now sits on the CVPM exam board and is a VMG Director.

In 2016 George joined Independent Vetcare as a Business Support Manager looking after North Wales and Cheshire and then in 2018 became Operations Manager for the North West of England.  In March 2021 George took on the role of Referrals Business Manager for Pride Veterinary Centre and now looks after a multi disciplinary team and referral service in Derby.

Session Synopses

Depending on who you speak to, the pandemic has been either good for reducing if not eliminating bad debt or has made things much worse.  It may be you are taking more upfront payments, but consultations in the car park can mean fewer conversations about cost.  For most it is probably a bit of both, but maybe it has created an opportunity to revisit this perennial headache.   Good debt management is a mix of water  tight systems, transparent pricing, an effective policy re insurance claims and excellent internal and external communication.   Added to this is an understanding of your client base and a strong policy on when to write off bad debt.