Leading in a time of Change
Rebecca Tindall, Head of People and Development at PDSA

Rebecca Tindall is currently Head of People and Development at PDSA. With over 20 years experience in the field of Organisational development across multi disciplined organisations and sectors, Rebecca brings a range of experience about how organisations maximise their performance through their people.

Session Synopses

Through ‘normal’ times, a well-managed vet practice should be a relatively stable and unchanging workplace.   You may not know which clients you will see that day or what new clinical cases are going to be presented and as a manager, you may see different people issues day on day.    However, the systems, the premises, your relationships with colleagues are hopefully stable, functional and productive.   But want happens when nothing seems stable? what we learnt through the pandemic was how challenging rapid change can be.  One thing about rapid uncontrollable change is that its happening and you are managing it!

This session will focus on helping us reflect on how we have managed change, what can we learn about us as leaders from the period of time we have been through and what can we do differently when faced with change in the future. Rebecca Tindall, Head of HR and Development at PDSA, describes how to create that culture and to be that leader, drawing on some of the experiences managers have faced since March 2020.