Imposterism: What is it and how can I address it for both myself and my team?
Iain Price, VDS Training

Iain is a qualified neuroscientist, executive coach, experienced trainer and educator who is passionate about elevating people’s thinking to help them better understand themselves and their teams.  Iain combines an infectious, enthusiastic training style with a disarming, insightful and thought-provoking coaching approach.  Iain regularly works across the corporate, start-up, step-up and not-for-profit sectors as well as individuals transitioning out of elite sport and employment.  Iain grew up working on a farm in the Welsh borders, loves climbing and surfing and is married to a GP.

Session Synopses

Are you an imposter?  Do you ever feel like a fraud?  Are you ever worried about being ‘found out’?  You are not alone!  Far from being a syndrome, ‘imposterism’ (feeling like you are not good or qualified enough for the roles and situations that you are in) is today a pandemic of its own.  Research suggests that before Covid-19 nearly three-quarters of us felt like an imposter at some point in our lives.  The seismic shifts and uncertainties of the last nearly 2 years has made this even worse. So, what can you do to turn around feelings of being an imposter for yourself and your teams?  Dr Iain Price is a neuroscientist, trainer and coach with VDS Training who helps high performing individuals and teams reframe and recapture confidence and control in their lives and ambitions. In this session Iain will help you understand what imposterism really is and how you can better recognise and address your own ‘imposter’.  He will also explore what leaders can do to support the ‘imposters’ in their teams to regain performance and wellbeing in practice.