Human Leadership: How to lead when you don’t have the answers
Carolyne Crowe, VDS Training

Carolyne is head of training at the VDS. She is an experienced equine vet, an award-winning high performance coach, mentor, international speaker, researcher, and lecturer.  Carolyne has specific expertise and interest in creating healthy workplace cultures, positive leadership and is passionate about helping others thrive at work and in their lives.

Carolyne has a Masters degree in Workplace Health and Wellbeing, diplomas in stress management and wellbeing, personal and team resilience and was awarded Coach of Excellence accreditation and her Fellowship to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2020 for her outstanding contribution to the profession.

Loving a challenge, in 2017, Carolyne ran 10 marathons in 10 days raising over £100,000 for the Brooke charity.

Session Synopses

It doesn’t matter how many leadership books you’ve read, TED talks you’ve watched or courses you’ve attended, as a manager you’re bound to face situations that leave you feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for what your next move should be. And for those in positions of leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, those feelings may be in the extreme.

Don’t forget, everyone’s on this roller coaster, and no one is expected to have all the answers. So, whilst there’s no magic map to help navigate through the current crisis, or any future challenges that may be thrown at you, there are a number of key principles that can make your life easier and your role more effective. Carolyne will guide you through these fundamentals to enable you to have strategies in place to deal with anything that your work life may throw at you.