Giving and Receiving Feedback
Miguel Ángel Díaz Sanchez – DVM, New Way Coaching

Miguel is an International Certified Coach by ICC and Center for Executive Coaching (USA),  UC Berkeley Extension Instructor and co-author of the Veterinary Practice Management Course.

After leading his own practice for more than 25 years, Miguel Angel Diaz founded the company New Way Coaching www.newwaycoaching.es.  He trains vets in Leadership and Effective Communication and travels around the world delivering his message: “With a positive attitude, commitment, the right tools and training to use them, enjoying the privilege of running your own clinic is possible”.

An International and Ted Talk speaker, he has lectured in countries such as Russia, Poland, Italy, France, Portugal, Greece, Chile, Malaysia, Philippines, Turkey, India and Spain.

Miguel is author of the book “7 Keys to successfully running a Veterinary Practice”, present in more than 12 countries and translated into English, Polish, Chinese and Italian and author of many articles about motivation, leadership, team building, and effective communication.

Session Synopses

Miguel Angel Diaz Sanchez (Pancho Vet) brings his 25 years experience of running a veterinary hospital in Spain to his coaching business, working with vets and vet practices across the world.  He sees many cultural differences and of course the economic climate in which vets are operating varies from Latin America to Asia to Northern Europe, but one very familiar theme has emerged.  Vets all over the world seem to be particularly poor when it comes to both giving and receiving feedback!  In this session, Pancho explores some of the possible reasons for this and comes up with some solutions.  Whether you are a manager, giving feedback to your vets, or a vet who struggles to accept feedback, Pancho’s humour, common sense, international perspective and sound advice make this a must see lecture.