Enabling Inclusion Through Leadership
Rebecca Armstrong, Sparkle

Rebecca is an accomplished international speaker, inspiring audiences to take action and create a spectacular life by being aligned to their purpose, regardless of circumstance, stereotype or limiting beliefs to smash through ‘glass doors’. She is also a HR & Leadership consultant working with organisations across the world to help them ‘Sparkle’ through their people, her passion is Inclusion and supporting businesses to embrace individuality and create cultures that enable people to reach their true potential. Offering a range of coaching, training and consultancy the company brings a fresh and transformational approach to HR in order to enable delivery of business strategy and profit.

Rebecca is an expert in the fields of HR, Leadership, Inclusion and Mental Health through extensive lived and professional experience underpinned with extensive qualifications. Rebecca holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership and a Post Graduate Certificate in Employment Law. As a coach Rebecca is PCC Certified through the world leading Coaches Training Institute.

Rebecca shares her lived experience of having MS to help organisations embrace inclusion.

Session Synopses

During this session, HR and Leadership consultant, Rebecca will explore how inclusion is enabled through leadership, in the context of the veterinary sector. Drawing on the psychology of the team, she will review the concept of ‘power’ and its evolution from being a top-down approach into a relational approach. She will explain the difference between a Parent-Child model of leadership, and all the behaviours that are triggered by that, and contrast that with the Adult-Adult model and how this creates inclusion. She will also consider what employees want and demand today in terms of flexibility. To find out more, attend Rebecca’s afternoon workshop on this topic.