Effective Complaint Management
Jennie Jones, Veterinary Client Mediation Services


Session Synopses

This interactive session on complaint management will seek to introduce those new to a veterinary practice management role to the key methods and strategies for conflict resolution, focused on effective complaint handling at a local level, and how this can support a learning culture and quality improvement. The session will be delivered by Jennie Jones of the Veterinary Client Mediation Service (VCMS). During the session, Jennie will share insights from the independent mediation organisation, funded by the RCVS which provides effective complaint resolution and mediation across the veterinary sector in the UK. Jennie’s session will use real world examples to explore the most effective strategies that new managers can use when encountering disputes. As experts in complaint mediation and utilising complaint insight to positive effect, Jennie will share experience and insight from the VCMS and across regulated and healthcare sectors. The session will also look at how new managers can support their team by shaping a progressive learning culture which uses all forms of feedback as positive tools to improve client relationships and the individual professional resilience and satisfaction of the team.