Veterinary Websites Fit for a Pandemic and a Post-Covid World
Andrew Rastall, Connected Vet

Andrew Rastall founded Connected Vet in 2013 to provide digital marketing consultancy for independent veterinary practices.  His presentations draw on over 29 years’ experience in PR & digital marketing.  His presentations often reference his work with 160 or so independent veterinary clients as well as complementary experience from other industries, that have lots to teach the teams that run veterinary practices. Andrew regularly presents in person and through live webinars, most recently on ‘Interacting with your vet during Covid-19’, ‘How to buy a website’ and ‘Driving digital engagement’.

Session Synopses

One thing that Covid taught us is that a veterinary practice website is about a lot more than just offering a shop window for prospective clients.  As receptions came under pressure and practices fought to keep up with an un-predictable and rapidly changing situation, practice owners found that their website became a vital conduit to inform, direct and in many instances slow down client demand for services.

In this session, Andrew Rastall shares his experience of creating and managing vet websites, with case study examples of how the websites of small to medium sized practices can stand up to even the most organised opposition.  He will show how to ensure your website is technically future-proofed as well as capable of dealing with the un-expected.  He will take you through what he believes is the single most critical technology that will revolutionise how your practice’s website will perform in 2021 & beyond and describe the seven website building blocks that have remained consistent throughout the pandemic period.