Body Language: Your most important communication tool
Gary Lafferty, Speaking and Presentation Coach

Gary Lafferty is a Speaking and Presentation Coach, International Speaker and 2 x #1-best-selling author of the books ‘Average to Expert’ and ‘Make More Money from Speaking’.

He has mentored tens of thousands of people across six continents not only on what to say, but how to say it, in such a way that inspires confidence, builds trust and elevates your authority to your audience.

He is the CEO of an international personal achievement company. His products and programs simplify the process that entrepreneurs have to do to become sought after and the go-to person in their industry. He is a sought-after Expert Strategist and consults to some of the world’s largest Personal Development and Training companies.

As a speaker Gary has shared international speaking platforms with the likes of Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street and Apple Inc Co-Founder, Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak, and many others.

Session Synopses

Whether you have to deliver a presentation, head up a staff meeting, or simply meet a new potential client, chances are that you will take the time to prepare what words you want to use. However, how many times do you take the time to consider the non verbal cues we are giving when we are delivering those well crafted words of wisdom?

Numerous studies have proven that upto 93% of our communication is nonverbal. But we rarely think about our body language and what impressions we are creating in the minds of those listening. They say that first impressions are important and that people are constantly judging us.  The world of business is no different. As a matter of fact, this environment is an whole arena of unspoken language. Often, it’s what isn’t said that is heard the loudest. From pitches to board meetings, your body language illustrates your confidence, your commitment and your intentions more than you may realize.

The truth is that body language is either working with you or against you — there’s not a lot of room in between.  From manspreading to hands in pockets, leaning in vs arms crossed, you really can influence how your message is received.  And the two need to work together; if your gestures are not in alignment with your words, then you will lose trust.

Gary Lafferty is an author, who has taught and mentored tens of thousands of people across six continents in how to structure and monetize their message.  Here he shares some tips on making the right impression without opening your mouth!