Four Questions to Achieve Team Compliance without being the ‘bad guy’
Katherine Eitel Belt, LionSpeak

Katherine Eitel Belt is America’s Unscripted Communications Coach! International speaker, author, and coach, Katherine is best known for helping professionals develop courageous, unscripted conversations with clients, co-workers, and audiences. Whether communicating from the treatment room, boardroom, or from the stage, Katherine’s clients love her simple yet powerful formulas for delivering messages with clarity, courage, and inspiration.

Her company, LionSpeak, uses a proprietary leadership tool called The Lioness Principle to help dental, veterinary, and discretionary healthcare practices as well as corporate sales/executive teams achieve extraordinary results by leveraging their ability to communicate with greater impact.

Katherine is a Spotlight-On-Speaking champion, National Speaker’s Association member, Speaking Consulting Network board member, past-president of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, Dental Business Institute faculty instructor, and recipient of the Linda Miles Spirit Award.

Session Synopses

In an era of inclusive leadership with the emphasis on consensus and teamwork, it may sound old fashioned to say ‘my practice; my rules’, but these should not be incompatible.   In this session, Katherine Eitel-Belt looks at the reasons someone might not be delivering the outcomes you want.   Are they unaware of what they should be doing?  Do they not have the skills, the emotional intelligence or the intellect required? Or are they choosing to be non-compliant?  Working through these and really understanding each step will allow you to rationalise under-performance and tackle bad behaviour so that you can finally build that dream team: self-directed, innovative, compliant and aligned!