21st Century Leadership: from now to wow
Richard Casey, VMG President & Blue Cross

Rich Casey worked in HR in a range of industry sectors before entering the veterinary world with PDSA in 2011. He joined Blue Cross in 2016 and is Head of Clinical Development, a role in which he oversees the development of the charity’s veterinary services and manages its partnerships with private veterinary practices. He is President of the Veterinary Management Group.

Session Synopses

Research by VMG has identified some key strengths and weaknesses that managers perceive in their skill sets.  That is the ‘Now’.  How do you correctly identify your own personal management and leadership weaknesses and strengths, and plan a path from ‘Now’ to ‘Wow’?  In this session, Richard Casey will explore what good looks like in terms of key leadership skills and take you through a list of the areas that the evidence suggests managers want to strengthen.  For each of these, which will include such things as giving and receiving feedback, developing teams and planning and organising, Richard will offer one top take home tip, plus signposting to where you might go next for your own personal development plan.