10 Laws Every Veterinary Manager Needs to be Aware of
Brian Faulkner, Colourful CPD & BVRA

Brian graduated from Edinburgh Vet School in 1995 and worked in mixed practice before studying for an MBA at Nottingham Business School in 2001. He has set up and developed 6 veterinary practices from start-ups during the last 20 years and currently leads and works as a clinician in his current practice Aldeburgh Vets. Brian completed a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, as well as General Practice certificates in Business and Professional Studies and Small Animal Medicine. He was The UK’s Petplan Vet of the Year in 2008. He is Associate Professor in Veterinary Business at Nottingham University Vet School and in July 2020 he was awarded the title Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (FRCVS). Brian co-founded The British Veterinary Receptionist Association, The Australian Veterinary Receptionist Association, The North American Veterinary Receptionist Association and The Association of Veterinary Care Assistants in the UK.  He is a director of Colourful CPD.com, an online Learning and Development company that specialises in the delivery of courses that focus on the importance of non-clinical skills within veterinary practice.

Session Synopses

As a new veterinary manager, the scope of tasks, issues and incidents that you have to deal with can seem overwhelming and endless.  Often it is difficult to distinguish the “Law of the Land” from cultural habits or subjective interpretations about the ‘right’ way to do things – or what Brian Faulkner, BVRA Co-Founder and Colourful CPD Director, refers to as “The Law of the Laird”.  Join Brian as he outlines 10 laws, regulations or standards that veterinary managers need to be aware of in order operate legally and professionally. This talk aims to provide those new to a management role the practical understanding and application of a range of regulations that relate to clinical, client, financial and employment aspects of veterinary practice.