Looking to open a veterinary practice?

Are you thinking of starting up your own practice, but need some guidance on the key considerations? Or perhaps you’re thinking of expanding your existing practice but need some advice on how to get moving?

What can SPVS Congress 2024 offer you?

A full day of guidance, advice and top tips just for you on Saturday 27th January
Tickets for the day from just £210, to include refreshments and a two-course hot lunch
Plenty of time to meet with other veterinary professionals in the same position
Run on a Saturday if you can’t get out of practice during the week
Alternatively, join us for the full 3 days of Congress 2024, with Saturday included in your ticket price
A focussed exhibition on the Thursday and Friday with a wide variety of suppliers offering invaluable advice and support


Don’t miss!


Supercharge your health plans

Exploring the journey of designing and implementing a practice’s health plan, including benefits and challenges and help you develop effective strategies to promote a health plan to the team and clients for increased engagement.
(Kate Higgins, Village Vets)

Setting sustainable and profitable professional fees

Helping you develop a professional fee structure that is both competitive and financially sustainable.
(James Bigglestone)


Wellbeing means business

Sharing with you the 6 priority areas to get you started on your practice’s wellbeing journey through practical examples and resources.
(Tracey Morley Jewkes)

Digital marketing for vets

Exploring successful strategies and innovative approaches implemented in other industries and applying them to the veterinary world, along with offering insights into current and upcoming trends, best practices and emerging technologies.
(Huw Aveston, Digital Practice)


Top tips for selecting your premises

Will help you determine the factors to consider in choosing a location and the most important features in the building you choose.
(Rachel Simmons Edhen Vets & Michael Lazaris, Vets on the Common)

Garden Vets 3 months in: A new veterinary business model

Providing an update on the progress of the Harper-Keele Vet School and Garden Vets cooperative model demonstrating new ways of financing veterinary business and the use of subscription models and using a people-centric approach to recruitment, retention, learning and development.
(Alan Robinson, Vet Dynamics)

Making your business future secure

An interactive session to help you understand the benefits of financial planning and insurance by working through the hypothetical development and growth of a business, along with the changing needs your business could face as you grow.
(Rash Cassem & George Western, Lloyd & Whyte)