New voices call for Congress 2025


Have you ever been tempted to share your experiences, an idea, or some wisdom with your colleagues, but haven’t yet found the confidence to apply to speak at an event?
Consider this your sign! SPVS Congress would love to hear new voices like yours.

Here’s some advice from SPVS JVP, Ami Sawran, on taking that first step…

“There’s nothing quite like leaving a conference, talk or seminar, inspired to take the ideas back to your workplace and get cracking on new ways of working.  I am generally awed by those who can command a room, deliver their message with relatable anecdotes, and provide reasonable answers to our professional quandaries. I always thought of these people as terribly important, official, and commanding, but when I found myself starting to speak at conferences, I realised that if I was in this club, it probably wasn’t as exclusive as I had built it up to be in my head. That’s not to say that there are not terribly important people on the speaker circuit – but there are a lot more of us with simple messages, speaking from experience, and just ‘having a go’ in the hope of inspiring even a handful of others.

I remember the first few occasions where I was invited to speak, I spent a lot of time thinking (no, actually – fretting,) about how I would make an impact. Then, I let go of the idea of making an impact, and just resolved to speak about what I knew. I found I could speak quite easily about things that directly resonated with my experiences in practice (both in leadership and clinical scenarios), and to be honest, I think that might be the key to it… Nothing more special or secret than just, identifying an issue, describing it, and detailing possible ways to overcome it – perhaps with a little bit of evidence thrown in.

My point is, there are so many more within the profession with talents for teaching, mentoring, delivering information, speaking, and sharing, who either have not found a platform yet, or who have not had the confidence to hoist themselves on to one. So that’s why at next year’s SPVS congress, we would love for you to consider submitting a talk.

You don’t need to be ‘on the circuit’ or making a living from speaking to deliver great insight or discuss ways of working that have helped your teams and networks to thrive.  SPVS is very much about supporting current or would-be leaders across our profession, and who better to hear from than the people who live the experience every day?

To clarify, you don’t need to be an expert, a PhD, a social scientist, or a gifted conversationalist to have a useful message. You don’t need to have had experience of conference speaking before– you just need an idea, and an outline of how you might share that with interested fellow professionals. At SPVS, for many years, we have had the benefit of wonderfully talented speakers on a range of subjects – allow them to inspire you to give it a try.”

Ami Sawran, SPVS JVP

Our Congress 2025 theme is Connect, Collaborate, Progress, inviting talks on non-clinical topics like leadership skills, team dynamics, self-development, practice management and business management. Please take a look at the Congress 2023 and Congress 2024 programmes for the topics recently covered at the event.

The varied programme will include longer workshops, and shorter quick-fire sessions, so if this is your first foray into speaking, feel free to suggest a short 10-15 minute intro to a topic rather than a full presentation or workshop.

Click here for full details on the event and what we’re looking for in our speakers and programme. Alternatively click on the button  below to submit your suggestion.

We are delighted to have Elanco and PetsApp as Platinum Sponsors for Congress 2025.