Maximise the potential of EVERY team member

It’s down to everyone in practice to help ensure practices are sustainable, profitable, happy and productive places to work. From practice managers to head receptionists, business managers to vets, and clinical directors to head nurses, Congress 2024 has been built to inspire and motivate everyone to work smarter and achieve better outcomes.

What can SPVS Congress 2024 offer you?

3 days of non-clinical lectures and workshops for everyone in the practice team
A full stream on team dynamics and how to work effectively as a team
Up to 20% off your ticket price with our group discounts
Plenty of time to enjoy your time away from practice as a team

The fun-packed social programme includes Happy Hour; a fun musical bingo and buffet night; and our legendary President’s Party


Don’t miss!


Flexible Working: Learnings from jigsaw practices

Allowing you to understand what is meant by a ‘jigsaw practice’ and the how, the why, the benefits and the drawbacks of implementing this model successfully.
(Silvia Janska & Sarah Armstrong & case study team members)

Supporting clinical team members to return to the workforce

Providing an understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with re-entering the workforce after a career break, and the importance of supporting these individuals and appreciating the value they can bring to our teams.
(Malcolm Morley & Lizzie Bewsey-Dkye)


Thriving in practice with a neurodivergent team

Helping you understand how to harness neurodivergent strengths and minimise challenges, with practical solutions to allow neurodivergent staff to thrive in practice.
(Kirstie Pickles)

Smarter working through collaboration and delegation

Providing the fundamental basics of collaboration and delegation to benefit all aspects of the practice – the client, the patient, the whole practice team and the business.
(Robyn Lowe & Paul Horwood)

Resolving your practice inefficiencies

An interactive team-wide workshop allowing you to develop strategies to enable successful days in practice, fostering a sense of pride and reducing stress while optimising practice resources.
(Brian Faulkner & Richard Artingstall, plus receptionist and nurse contributors)


Building a great clinic culture

Exploring how to craft a successful practice culture with tools, resources, and strategies from the start-up world as well as other industries.
(Shawn Wilkie)

It’s not all about money

Demonstrating the importance of investing in ‘people’ within a practice setting and some of the ‘levers’ to pull to build staff engagement and loyalty.
(Sarah Armstrong & Steven Goodear)