Congress and Sustainability

Here at SPVS Congress, we believe in doing what we can to change the way we live and work to create a better, more sustainable future for us all.  This includes incorporating sustainability in lecture content throughout Congress.

The SPVS Congress team will be:

  • Recycling our name badge holders and lanyards so they can be used year-on-year
  • Cutting down paper usage:
    • email confirmation rather than physical tickets,
    • offering full programme details as a digital download from website and
    • supplying CPD certificates electronically
    • utilising the venue’s digital signage where possible
  • Ensuring that any necessary printing is on sustainably sourced paper
  • Using venues with suitable public transport links
  • We’re supporting the local economy by promoting accommodation in local hotels.  Wherever possible we have recommended hotels within walking distance of the hotel.

We’ll also be speaking to our fantastic sponsors and exhibitors to see what they can do, encouraging them to provide digital content rather than printed and discouraging single-use plastic free gifts.

Our venue, Hilton Birmingham Metropole, also see the importance of decreasing their environmental impact
Click here for more information on their environmental policy, which includes:

  • LED lighting throughout the hotel
  • Sustainable packaging used for Room Service & Gild to Go
  • Digital Key or wooden access keys for guests who prefer
  • No single use plastic used within hotel
  • Separate wastage system for recycling
  • Power correctors
  • Energy efficient boilers
  • Water conservation initiative
  • Room serviced on departure unless stated otherwise

Finally, there’s you, the attendees. We’d love to encourage your contribution to this cause.
Please bring your own re-usable water bottles and coffee cups. Can you travel by public transport or lift share?

Visit to organise a shared journey to Congress. As a driver you can sign-up to share your journey details, and non-drivers can post requests for a lift.