Looking to become a better leader?

The veterinary industry is shifting in a big way. Being a veterinary leader carries more responsibility than ever, and people’s expectations of their leader are greater than ever.

What can SPVS Congress 2024 offer you?

A 3-day non-clinical leadership and management lecture and workshop programme
A full day stream dedicated to Leadership Skills
Plenty of time to meet with other veterinary professionals in leadership roles
Ideas and practical steps to inspire and motivate your team


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Improving Practice Culture? Be more Viking!

An interactive session on how to prevent the bullying and incivility in veterinary care that affects morale, retention and ultimately patient outcomes, by setting behavioural expectations resulting in a shift from a disrespectful to a professional work culture.
(Debbie Robinson)

It’s Time to Thrive

Providing you with 6 basic principles that can be applied to boost happiness, wellbeing and performance in practice and the ability to empower and energise your team to take control of their careers.
(Dave Nicol)

Smarter delegation

Allowing you to search within to identify your personal blockers to delegation, to enable you provide more successful leadership and the development of others.
(Fiona Nichol, VetPartners)

Coaching techniques

Helping you understand how to spot potential in your team, develop a coaching plan and apply simple coaching techniques to your team members in order to enhance their skills and motivation.
(Adam Rough, GLCM)


Breaking through barriers and building relationships

Helping you understand the psychological barriers to effective communication in practice and learn the techniques and approaches to work with these and create a platform for change.
(Rebecca Armstrong, Sparkle)

Feedback: the gift that keeps on giving e

Exploring how to consistently and safely incorporate constructive feedback into your practice and build team confidence by tackling problems before they escalate.
(Jacqui Skelley, Elanco)

The 2IC Principle

Explaining the Second-in-Command (2IC) system developed by the military for every job-role and every function, and how it can be applied to any organisation to increase the motivation, capability and functioning of the team.
(Cathie Gregg)

Becoming an inspirational leader

Sharing the 5 key ingredients for inspirational leadership, allowing you to grow in your journey as a veterinary leader.
(Rachel Paul, Simple Veterinary Coaching)